Susan Zahn

The "Kismet" Series :

Alliance Avant-garde (Illustrated)
(STAR aWARdS Best Short Story, 1994)

Full Circle (Illustrated, 1999)

Mergers & Acquisitions (NC-17) (Illustrated)
(STAR aWARdS Best Long Story, 2000)

Between the Lines (Rewritten)
(STAR aWARdS Best Long Story, 1995)

Into the Fire (NC-17) (2009)

Beyond Rendezvous (2008)

Checkmate (1993)
(Some details of this story are out of sync right now because these were writen out of order, but for the most part it ties in, and this will be rewritten eventually)

Other stories:

Storm Front (1991)

Arms Race (PG-13) (2000)

Red Sky at Morning (Illustrated)
(STAR aWARdS Best Short Story, 1992)

The Portside Girl (1988)

Love's Strength (PG-13) (1987)

Desk Set (NC-17) (Illustrated, 2001)

Poems and Filks:

Boussh & Love Resurrected (Illustrated)

Boy! What Love Has Done to Me!
(STAR aWARdS Best Filk, 1999)

I'd Rather Call You Sweetheart
(STAR aWARdS Best Filk, 1996)

Nobility's Price (Illustrated)


Princess, It's Cold Outside


Simple Joys of Maidenhood

Solo's Side of the Story
(STAR aWARdS Best Poem, 1996)



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