Boussh & Love Resurrected

By Susan Zahn

Art by Wanda Lybarger

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Silence...dead silence.
Why does my heart beat so?
Duck down and watch your step!
Become a formless shadow.

From across the room I see it,
A cold block of carbonite.
Displayed, a priceless artwork,
Bathed in a red-tinted light.

I can sense his presence,
Filling this dark, dank place.
The true spirit of the Falcon.
The thought causes my heart to race.

Chewie was taken away from me.
Lando's around here too.
Luke will come as a last resort.
I pray that this day we won't rue.

Frozen in his agony,
His pain I can almost feel.
I reach up to touch his cheek...
Cold, as hard as steel.

I activate the controls
To release him from his prison.
He falls forward, seemingly lifeless,
But I know Han Solo has risen.

Love Resurrected

Leia, oh sweet Leia!
I knew you'd come for me.
The one who loves me truly--
Dear gods, please let me see!

You cradle me in your tender arms.
Do I look that pitiful a soul?
If only I could see your face...
Still, blind, with you I feel whole.

It was your final words, Princess,
That helped me through that hell.
Your words and that last farewell kiss,
With passion our fears couldn't quell.

But now I'm back with you, Leia.
Can't help wondering how long it's been.
What events have taken place
To find us in Jabba's foul den?

Right, Sweetheart, let's get out of here.
I'll just need to be shown the path.
Then we'll pick up the loose ends of our love.
...Oh Maker, I know that laugh...