All the Stars That Burn

By Martie O'Brien



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(SZ--This is actually a very haunting, beautiful song written by Martie. I only wish I had a way for you to hear it.)


Though all the stars that burn
Should lie between us now,
I close my eyes and I see your face.
You're here with me in the warm embrace
Of my love.

There was a foolish time
When I was very young
And did not know the secrets of
This heart I give to you, my love.
I am yours.

Across the endless night,
Along the paths of time,
I call your name to the silent skies.
I drown in the memory of your eyes.
Where are you?

Though all the stars that burn
Should dim and fade away,
Though galaxies should turn to dust
One thing will stand, one thing to trust...
My love for you.