Meeting Your Match

By Mary Jo Fox


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Well, hotshot, I sure hope you know what you're getting into.

Oh, it goes beyond my social upbringing or my gnarled family tree. Forget about my potential with the Force, something you never believed in until about five minutes ago. Never mind my position within the Alliance or my unswerving devotion to its mission. You knew it was pretty much "Love me, love my cause" all along.

When I was a Senator, one of my colleagues referred to me as "one-and-a-half meters of trouble," and he was right. If you're expecting the Imperial ideal of womanhood--sweetly submissive, always deferring to her man, keeping her thoughts to herself--you're looking in the wrong place. Not that this kind of girl is your type, anyway, is it?

If you came looking for a challenge, you've got one. I've never been afraid to give anyone a piece of my mind, least of all you, darling. I may not always be tactful, but I'm always honest.

My aunts have described me as stubborn as a bantha stuck in tar, and I freely admit I'm headstrong. I pride myself on not being a pushover. But I'm always fair.

Opinionated? Definitely. Bossy? If you want to put it that way. Temperamental? The red highlights in my hair are there for a reason, my dear.

A lot of men have been put off by the whole of who I am. They couldn't handle me. I recall one former suitor telling me that my personality was like a black hole--it sucked everything out of all that came near it. Then I put a smoking hole in the middle of his forehead. Ha ha, just kidding, flyboy. Seriously, though, it hurt to hear things like that. I'd always wondered if there was anyone out there who was able to love me.

And I'd wondered if there was anyone out there I could love back. I expect a lot from people, and well, I always end up disappointed. I'm a demanding soul, and no one had ever quite met the criteria. Not until you blasted into my life.

When you took me on as your lover, you had to believe you were up to it. I won't deny I'm a handful; hey, we're alike in that sense. But do not forget for a moment that I love you. I will make you so happy. If I could bring you even a portion of the happiness you've brought to me, you'd never want for anything ever again. You know I'll give as much to this as I do to all other things in life. I never approach anything halfheartedly.

There are no rules written for any relationship, much less one between a princess and a smuggler. We'll have to write our own as we go along. But you've been fairly warned. You're stuck with me. And yes, I know I'm stuck with you too.


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