What we're looking for...

Anything containing both Han and Leia at some point. They must be featured as main characters. While we would prefer a focus on their relationship, exceptions are made depending on the quality of the work.

Stories must be in the final phase of completion if not totally finished. We reserve the right to read for plot, grammar, characterization and punctuation errors. We will also beta-read upon request.

What we're not looking for...

Gratuitous violence or sex, slash, or out-of-character porn.

Sexual scenes are okay so long as they're a part of the story development and are consentual. Remember, we're looking for quality romance here, not just another piece of online pRon.

How to submit a story...

Email your stories in Word, Works, HTML, or other text format to

Please be sure to include the pen name you wish to appear on the page as well as a contact email address for feedback.

How to submit artwork...

Artwork does not need to contain both characters but at least one of them should be features.

Photomanips are not accepted, unless they are intended for use as banners or buttons.

Email high-resolution scans to or inquire address information if you prefer to send a physical copy.


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