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I've read a few of your stories and have been really impressed. I've thought about writing a little bit of fanfic myself and your stuff is a real encouragement. Keep up the great stuff!

(PS any relation to Timothy Zahn?) [Nope, sheer coincidence!--SZ]

01/04/02 Hey that was a great story [Alliance Avant-Garde]. You captured Leia and Han's personalities and dialogue to a "T". Keep up the good work.
12/04/01 Dear Sue, I'm really sorry to hear about Kiss, but I totally understand why you're not doing it. I don't think I'd ever have the patience and time to ever do a zine myself! I was writing to ask you if you minded if I archived your fics on my H/L site www.hansoloandtheprincess.com. You don't have to send me the files or anything, I can get the fics off your website, and I'd credit the zine if they came from one. I've always loved your work (you're one of the very first H/L authors I came across) so I'd just be thrilled to archive your work. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!
11/28/01 Sue, I just read your recent message stating that you are now canceling KISS 3. ALthough I am dreadfully disappointed (you sincerely have the BEST zine I have ever read) I thoroughly understand your reasons. The state of the world today is very unstable. I just thought that I would drop you a line telling you that I wholeheartedly respect your decision and I wish you all the best in your endevours. I do hope that sometime in the future, you do decide to print a third issue, not because I feel that Star Wars is an alternate reality,but because every now and then it is nice to be able to drift somewhere else for awhile and forget all of the stresses in our REAL lives. Anyway, I remain one of your biggest fans. If you ever need anything, please just drop me a line. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Susan, My name is Julie..., and I was just emailing to let you know that I have sent you an order and a check in the mail for an issue of Kiss #1 and Kiss #2. Just thought I would let you know, so you wouldn't be surprised when you got something in the mail from me. BTW, I love your stories. I first read some of your stories at fanfix.com. You definitely are one of the best authors of Han and Leia stories. It would be my honor if you would proofread any future Han and Leia story I wrote. You know the two characters so well. I'm still learning. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Marjorie Joyce also works with you on the Kiss zines. I first read some of her stories on fanfix.com too. I was impressed. That the two of you work together assures me that Han and Leia are in great hands. I'm definitely looking forward to Kiss #3.

[on 01/25/02] I would like to praise you for all the wonderful Star Wars stories, vignettes, and filks you have written. I have read quite a few of them, mostly at fanfix.com, and I'm impressed with your writing skills. I hope you continue to occasionally write, because it would be a shame to not have any more stories come from your creative imagination. Writing is a gift, and I have great respect, and envy , for those who do it well.

[and again on 03/11/02 :)] Received the zines in the mail this past weekend. Very glad to have them in my collection. The artwork and stories in them are outstanding. Thank you for the excellent service. I greatly appreciate the work you went through getting me a copy of each. Best Wishes,
-- Julie

10/13/01 Hello, I enjoy most of the fanfic posted on useakiss.org. But when I saw Barbara Anderson's work, I was surprised. Han and Leia truly seemed out of character to me. I'm just trying to give some constructive criticism. In her stories, all Han and Leia seem to be thinking about is sex, and Han, especially, seems out of character with his anger and his thinking. Leia, however, seems off track as well. Perhaps the author could try to stick to them more, and not be as freelance? Just a thought.
Hallo! First of all I feel a necessity express my gratitude for this wonderful site of yours. It's one of my own top-five-pages. Perfect design and excellent stories! And now I want to thank you personally for your stuff. I have enjoyed every minute of reading it!
7/02/01 Hi Susan,
Welcome back!!! your site have been sorely missed. I have to tell you I was kind of worried there I didn't think there would be another Kiss thank God this is not so. So when can we expect to see Kiss 3? I know it must have taken quite some time to put all this together, but believe me this fan really appreciate all your hard work. I loved "Desk Set" it was very explicit but tastefully done. I have to say you always seem to capture the essence of Han and Leia in all your stories this piece you really gave new meaning to the word "Turned on". Please don't ever stop writing, because if you do there will be allot of sad faces around.
Take care and all the best.
7/01/01 Hi Sue,
Cindy alerted me that you'd put Desk Set up at your site. Great to see, and Liz's picture was STUNNING. Very lovely.

Sue, Just checking out the new Kiss site; it looks FANTASTIC! The zine section is supurb!


Looks terrific!! Very 'Schmick'! I'm thinking hard about a suitable fic for Kiss3. I am again a slave to H&L...... :)


I hope that everything is alright with you! I am a big fan of all of your stories and I own You Could Use a Good Kiss #1 & #2. I hope that you are planning to publish more- I would love to buy one. I can't access your website anymore. I hope that you are well! Keep in touch!



I just finished reading Kiss 2 for like the 50th time and a want to say how incredible your story was. I find that some stories, no matter how good they are can really only be read once or twice. But yours.... I just keep going back to. You and Kate Mac must have a psychic connection because her pictures were perfect with the story. I am one of those who is usually firmly in the 'after-Bespin, maybe Endor even, probably Bakura' camp when it comes the H/L consummating their relationship. But your story, along with 'Day and Night' in YCUAGK, and 'Dreaming' in Kiss2 by Cindy Olsen, really make me wonder. The end bit of many Kiss stories bring tears to my eyes as I get a rare glimpse of the absolute totality of their love for each other. 'Day and Night': "I love you, Leia." "I know." And 'The Dreams' by Z.B.: 'Because when she fell asleep against him, his hand on her hip, his legs pressed against hers, it was into a silence of thick and white dreams. And she could see everywhere.' God I love that last sentence! And your story too, but because of the pain of it and the abrupt ending to the love and peace of their 'holiday'.

YCUAGK art was good but Kiss 2 blew my mind. How did you find Gerald Crotty, Liz and Kate McCredie? And I loved JoJo's little stick figures. The fact that they had no facial features worked phenomenally well. The dancing bit in Mergers and Acquisitions was so sensual and the seduction scene....so real. Just how Han and Leia would act too.

Can't wait for the next one. There are only two problems with the quality of Kiss2. 1) How are you going to make another one that good (I'm sure you'll manage it)?
and 2) I am afraid to buy any other zines cos I know they won't be as good and I'll be disappointed!

Thank you for giving me so much reading (and visual) pleasure.




I just wanted to ask, who does all those brilliant drawings and sketches for your page! I think they're brilliant! couldn't you add a fanart corner to you're page? I'm sure you would recieve alot of pictures from all over the world! Otherwise I just wanted to say that your page is fantastic! Keep up the good work!



Just got it.

One word: WOW!!!!!


The artwork...I have died and gone to heaven! I've only read one story so far and it had to be yours because kiss is your baby and I owe it to you. Mergers was absolutely brilliant, it made me laugh and cry and it got more inside the heads of H and L than I thought was possible. You're my savior from profic doom


PS--Han and Leia splitting up?! Are they out of their minds?!!?


Dear Sue,

I've been a longtime SW (and primarily H&L) fanatic since 6th grade (when I saw ANH) and getting my copy of Kiss #2 was Christmas, New Year's and July 4th all in ONE. . . . Your publication fulfills all the neglected cravings for their electrifying chemistry that any true H&L fan suffers. Front to back, IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. The front cover is STUNNING--Gerald Crotty's work is luminous and unerringly true to Ford and Fisher as Our Heroes. Also, I'm floored by his gorgeous portrait of Han on p. 12. Also, all of Kate McCredie's artwork definitely stood out, especially her H&L seduction portrait for "Mergers and Acquisitions" (p. 137). OMG!!! Between her pic & your prose, I thought that H&L were gonna spontaneously COMBUST!!! ARoooooo!! Now THAT's the kind of romantic interaction I want to see between Our Heroes!! An Especial thanks to both of you for getting H&L out of their habitual spacer/rebel rags for a change. It's about time!! Han is *especially* swooningly HUNKY, *sigh*. Why should the distinction of being a well-dressed scoundrel belong only to Lando?? Leia is very effectively broken out of her usual prim garb in a particularly feminine and flattering way (Han should buy her a new dress ^_^.) "Mergers" is superlative in so many ways--its satisfying length, the refreshing change of environment, and, of course, the searing UST (which refers to "Unresolved Sexual Tension", coined by XF/Mulder-and-Scullyist 'shippers, I believe) which made the story exciting and heartbreakingly bittersweet. The "dream" jacuzzi sequence and the ending were bummers but very necessary since they provide obvious reasons for their vehement clashes early in TESB. In a fanzine chock-a-bloc FULL of awesome H&L goodies, your story is the GREATEST.

Kate McCredie is simply AMAZING since not only can she DRAW, she writes very well too (her story "Ice"). Leia's wrenching grief at possibly losing Han and her mysterious healing of him was particularly poignant and gripping, definitely on a par with their pre-carbonite moment for intensity. "Only Night" by Cindy Olsen gets into Han's head perfectly during his notorious "lost weekend". Kate's accompanying pic echoes the piece's anguished tone. JoJo's thumbnail sketches were sheer FUN and very cute. I'm still not done reading Kiss #2, will DEFINITELY buy #1 and I'm eagerly anticipating #3!! I can't thank EVERYONE behind Kiss #2 enough. I never thought that we H&L fans get the respect we deserve from Lucasfilm and the profic always let me down. YCUAGK is the absolute answer to my H&L prayers. As far as fanzines go, this is the second one I've ever bought and worth every cent. You've really given us our money's worth in utilizing space very well--no space is wasted.

Lastly, thank you for putting those Star Wars CD links on your Homepage. Great idea! I've subsequently purchased "Sketches on Star Wars" (the Trotter Trio) and "Cocktails in the Cantina" (the Evil Genius Orchestra) and find their quirky versions of John Williams' classic themes the perfect soundtrack whilst reading YCUAGK. You've brought welcome freshness and renewed vitality to my enjoyment of one of the GREATEST SF couples of All Time, IMHO (next to Mulder & Scully). Keep up the great work. Peace and Love!!


--Diane T.


Firstly, I received Kiss 2 and loved it. You did a terrific job with the whole thing. All of the stories were of a very high quality. Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work I'm sure went into it...



Hi Sue,

Just to let you know I got Kiss 2 this past Friday, and Kiss 1 on Monday. When I saw the color covers, I was like, wow! I've loved the bits and pieces I've had time to read so far, and am looking forward to enjoying them both cover to cover! Thanks for all your hard work in it. Have a good and safe long weekend!


-- BelX'Sar :)


Hi Sue,

Where do I start?

Gerald Crotty's cover was beautiful and the inside front cover... well! I'm glad it was INSIDE. What a gorgeous pic; beautiful airbrushing. And the idea of having LAMINATED covers was truely inspired! Just that alone put 'Kiss2' ahead of the rest at a glance.

I loved JoJo's little sketches all through the mag; some of them were priceless! In fact the art all the way through was terrific (another point which puts this zine ahead) and I would suggest even more for the next one.

I enjoyed all the stories but Cindy Olsen's were my favorites; I just love the way she gets right inside their heads! And the picture Liz drew for "Dreaming" was beautiful.

I really liked the way you arranged my pictures into the pages; that was exactly what I had in mind when I drew them.

All in all a truely excellent zine and I can't wait to be part of the next one!



I would like an issue of Kiss #1. I am a huge fan of Han Solo and Princess Leia! I am so glad to know there is a magazine totally devoted to them.




Hi Sue! Thank you so so so so much for Kiss 2!!!

Really it is so great and it I'm so very grateful that you had sent it to Germany. Once again,thanks a lot!!

The stories and poems and filks and everything in this fansize is great!!!!!!!!!



Hi Susan,

Well, it's taken me this long to read through both Kiss 1&2, and what can I say other than 'WOW'! The artwork is beautiful and the color cover of Kiss 2 is amazing! i especially enjoyed 'Ice' by Kate McCredie, though I feel guilty singling out just one story as they were all FANTASTIC!!!! Keep up the good work, and I have only one question for you: When will I be seeing Kiss 3, hmmm?

Thanks a bunch,

--Jean Marie :o*


Sue I have eventually managed to tear myself away from the zine to tell you that its great!!!

The artwork is superb all the way through! The covers were delightful, and what did I open it up to find? Pure joy in the art stakes.

As for the stories - loved Mergers and Acquisitions - very different Ord Mantell piece, and well worth the effort! Cindy Olsen worked her usual magic - she has a serious gift for wonderful Han/Leia smut. Much more please!! 'A Shuffle of the Deck' and 'Last Resort' were lovely stories too. Your staff of editors made magic with the stories -- an excellent selection. And indeed, my thanks to them for making my story into something readable ;)

And now to Kate McCredie. Where has this woman been hiding?!?!?!?! Talk about sickeningly talented. Not only does she produce some of the most incredible artwork I've ever seen, but she can write Han and Leia pretty perfectly too! I think the only way to sum it up is 'wow'.

Are you sure I've got to wait a year for the next one?

Great job!

--Helen ;-)


Dear Sue,
Kiss #2 was great--I have read and re-read your story so many times--I'm afraid that I'm going to wear my copy out. Here's a little gift for you.

[Thanks so much for the ROTJ cassettes! What a surprise!--SZ]


Dear Sue,

I've just finished reading the LoCs for Kiss #2 and in a haze of excited delirium, I have resolved to abandon the previous plan to have the zine posted to my friend in MI. Instead, send it down under straight away! *g* Kiss #2 just sounds unbelievable and well worth the extra $20 for postage to Australia. I may try to convince myself to save money and proclaim to my friends that I'm a scrooge, but in reality and when Star Wars is concerned I'm an absolute impulsive buyer. Also, I'm not sure if the zine will reach my friend before she leaves for Australia, so I think that posting it directly to me is the best option. That, and I'm just impossibly impatient. ;-)

...Thanks to you and Kristin for all the effort you have put into producing a true masterpiece.

Regards and MTFBWY,



...Yes, Jojo is very very talented! Simple sketches, but very cute! And doesn't need facial expression to pass on the message! Cool! Love her story too! ("5000 credits! Enter now!") No wonder they sometimes call Leia his 'bond' mate! LOL!

I got on to other stories... I've past Grounded... and all the stories before that and including Grounded are superbly written! I enjoyed reading all of them very very much! And the filk That Don't Impress Me Much... "So you're a Jedi Knight... so you got a freighter..." that DOES impress me much! Hehehe!

I've recovered a lil after oogling over Liz's Han playing sabaac... part of my mind is still plastered with that pic, but I can work normally now... ;)

Thanks for doing such a WONDERFULLY GRRRRREAT job! And sure, pleaaaaase, let your team know they ALL did TERRIFICALLY and FABULOUSLY! I may write some more after I've read more... savouring every moussel or whatever you call it... but not the 'black peas that crawl off your plate' as in the Commitment story (I think it's Dani's... sorry if I'm mistaken)... that's a hoot! :D


"Snowball? Is it a ball of snow? Nah, can't be *that* obvious!" - Luke in the Commitment story... :) So Tatooinish of him...

And let me know when you need me... I'll look fwd to your next Kiss!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Although I am new to zines, I know that the only thing that can top YCUAGK2 would be YCUAGK3. This zine is absolutely the most wonderful thing - anywhere - anytime - SW related that I have ever read. It was worth every penny and then some (that reminds me, I didn't send you an extra dollar - do you still want it? :)

As I was reading, I thought the stories couldn't get any better - and then I hit "Mergers and Acquisitions." Although I know the rest of the zine is going to be excellent, I am positive that nothing could top your story! It is absolutely the BEST. It's everything that I ever wanted in a H&L story - and I've wanted quite a bit! I haven't read anything else H&L related that moved me the way your story did. I could not put it down. Everything they said or did was perfectly in synch with how the characters are (or at least, how they have always been in the universe in my head.) From now on, instead of watching the original trilogy and fast-forwarding to the H&L parts, I'll just read your story! It was that intense to me. Although the ending was perfectly appropriate for the story, and as someone else commented it led up almost seamlessly to what happens afterward, it was so bittersweet - I wanted to chuck my copy across the room (I didn't of course, can't do that until I finish devouring the delicious contents! :)

I just wanted to let you know how much your work filled my heart, tore it into little pieces and stomped on it, and did it all at once. This story will be my definition of the epitome of SW fan fiction...aw heck, why not just say the comparison for ANY romatic fiction?! When can I order the next one??

--Traci T.


I've just received YOU COULD USE ANOTHER GOOD KISS and my breath was taken away by Gerald's cover... ooh! What a BEAUTY! Even my hubby who's a non-SW freak commented that the Leia on the cover is more beautiful than the real one (no offence to Ms Fisher... :P)

The further I got into the zine, the more I was overwhelmed... I haven't finished reading everything (but that first story by Jojo is very amusing) being a slow reader (and one with vivid imagination... I like to visualize the story in my mind as I read along) ... but I've seen all the art... and you have a GREAT team of artists!!!! Please let them know - Gerald, Kate, Liz, Laura, everyone (sorry if I can't remember everyone's name) - they did a FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL job!!!! I guess I have to polish up my work reaaaaal good before I can even consider asking if you'd want any more help in the art department in future zines... :P

Your hard work paid off... if not in the form of cold hard cash, but in readers' satisfaction that they had received the BEST in your zine. Keep up the great job!


PS - btw, who drew the incidental Han and Leia pencil sketches - the ones that have no faces? They're cute!
[Ah, that would be JoJo! --SZ]


Sue, I enjoyed YCUAGK so very much, so I just had to send an LOC, but my problem was, where to begin?

The cover; wow, a great eye catcher. Gerald Crotty has always done superior work and this is definitely in that category. Please see if you can keep him adding more and more. Excellent addition as well on page 194.

The inside cover; I remember when I first saw Becky's original of this and it's true; you can never get tired looking at something that beautiful. I can't really critique art work (I can't draw a straight line without a ruler), but I know what I like. Boy do I like that!

Romance of the Century, really, really cute and I loved Kate McCredie's 'romance novel' adaptation.

Three stories that I remember from the past, Sexual Politics, A Matter of Commitment and Sabaac. Like Becky's inside cover, I never tire of perfection.

Patricia D'Orazio is an author that I have long admired. I wish I could see more and more of her work.

Kate's Sabaac is a really great story that is as terrific on the re-read as it was the first time around. Believe me, that's high praise coming from me because I have never liked when authors make Han a Jedi. But, Kate's Corellian Jedi is the only way he could be.

Dani, well, what can I say? Here is an author that I not only admire, but have long envied. A Matter of Commitment has been a long time favorite of mine that is one of those stories you purposely go back and read over and over again. It was one of the first Ord Mantell stories I ever read and, fair or not, I've judged most others on a scale set up by this one. Really a 'must' read for any fan, Han & Leia preference or not.

Ice, by Kate McCredie. Well I've decided that no matter how nice this lady is, I hate her! It's not enough to be a fantastic artist...lord, her illustrations throughout are gorgeous, but she writes too! It's too much; no one person should be allowed to have that much talent. I love the story, adore her illustrations (especially page 245 and a really great one in tub. Yes, Sue, I know you know I have this thing about the water) but it's just not fair! Lady, you are terrific. Please keep more and more coming.

Only Night was very chilling; no pun intended. It is frightening how well Cindy Olson gets into Han's thoughts.

A Shuffle of the Deck was another great story. I really enjoyed the way Han and Leia interacted. The reader gets to see vulnerability and strength equally in both characters. They give to the other when each is at their lowest. Very well done.

Mergers and Acquisitions. Bravo, Sue. I read this over the time period while you were making changes and adjustments, but I have to say that it is absolutely brilliant. This story has everything; the hesitant emotions, the interplay between Han and Leia that I love; the playfulness, seriousness, fear and sensuality that marks how really special their relationship is. I adored the dream sequence. Top notch and the very best in the zine. Now, take you bow and start on the sequel.

Some of the poetry that I enjoyed; Light by Barbara. Very loving and touching. Not too mushy and yet it says so much. All I can say is; I liked it! Princess It's Cold Outside, great adaptation to a great old song. Others that I enjoyed, Change My Mind, both of the Head Over Feet, Sweet Corellian Wine, and Homecoming were wonderful. Solo was beautifully done.

Before I close this opus (I really didn't intend for my rambling to go on quite so much) I have to add my admiration to Liz's illustrations. Absolutely beautiful. I especially liked the illo on 96, 196, 222, etc. etc. I think you get my point.

I know I left off some great stories, poems, illos, and I want to apologize if I inadvertently offended anyone, but I wanted to let you know that this is a quality zine that only serves to reinforce my long standing belief that the hard copy zine is so much better than reading from the screen. Not only do you get the pleasure of the hard copy with the pleasure of the illustrations in your hands, (which is wonderful 'cause I've yet to figure out how to read from the comp screen in the tub) but, it's wonderful to go back and re-read some of your favorites. Beautiful job, Sue. Definitely worth the price of admission.


--Cat A.


Kiss2 is SERIOUSLY terriffic! Haven't read a word yet, but I've looked at all the pics! They came up beautifully! More later!

A very excited KateMac!


Sue, I've been reading the 'zine and I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. It looks fabulous and all the stories were excellent. I think the artwork in this issue is really great. Definately worth the wait. I feel like I'm already waiting for Kiss 3!! Promise us there will be another.

Great job,



Hey Sue! I've been meaning to write to let you know that I got my copy of Kiss. Wow, woman! What a great looking zine! Excellent job. I really love the little thumbnail sketches. I can't wait to read it.

How was MediaWest?

[Ugh, it's a long story! I'll tell you later. --SZ]

--Laura :-)


Just a big thank you for my copy of YCUAGK which I got last week it's a real treasure and wonderfully put together and edited thanks to everyone who made it possible. The front cover is tremendous



My dear Sue,

My trib copy of YCUAGK arrived on Friday morning, just before I was due to head to work. I called on what little willpower I have and refused to open it until lunch time, knowing full well that I would *never* get any work done if I read it before then. When lunch finally came....it was almost like Christmas. The first thing I did was to (very carefully -- as if it was the Red Sea Scrolls spread before me!) look at every page, appreciating the layout and marvelling at *all* of the artwork. Sue, all those hints and teasers you said prior to release of YCUAGK were *nothing* compared to the finished product. It is truly a work of great art and great love.

I could not have wished nor hoped for the quality of the illos for my two pieces, "Dreaming" and "Only Night". (Isn't Kate McCredie a find! Where has she been hiding all this time??)

And then, to make my day, I spent all Friday night reading the definitive Ord Mantell story -- Mergers and Acquisitions. And as I was reading it, I was saying to myself, "Yes, this is exactly what happened...."

Thank you, Sue. Many thanks to you and your editors, to the contributors, and all those who played a part in unleashing YCUAGK on an unsuspecting, but desperately craving, readership. You have all brightened the beginning of a very cold winter for me. And I feel inspired enough to get back in the saddle and try to write yet another Han and Leia fic.

All the best,



Sue, it's a wonderful zine! The best way to say thanks to us for buying and raving is promise that there will be a third Kiss.

I'll even pull out the Rumi poem "3 Kisses" for you to put in it. I don't remember the beginning, but I remember the end. "And there may come a time when you grow weary of kisses, I shall be glad of only insults from you as long as share your attention on me."

[and earlier, on 5/30/00]

Sue!! Sue!! This story is so incredibly good! It's got action and romance and they are so in character, with a bit of sublime eroticism. I salute you!!

[and earlier, on 5/28/00]

Just got my copy! And there was much rejoicing! The cover art was fantastic! The inside front cover is verrrrry yummy . I'm reading it slowly to savor each wonderful bit of H/L goodness!! Excellent job Sue!!

--Kate K.


Hey Sue!

Just wanted to let you know that I've finally had a chance to sit down and look through Kiss, and I'm really impressed! Especially with the front cover... it's really a beautiful picture.

I found a few typos in Shuffle (of course), but I love the illo on the opposite page as the title page. He really does incredible work. I haven't gotten through all the stories yet, but what I have read I really liked.

I just wanted to thank you, too. I talked to Kelly Kline, and she wanted to know if I would be interested in writing something for Delusions of Grandeur. She said that she had talked to you about me, and I just wanted to thank you for mentioning me! I'm working on a story for her now, and we probably never would have made a connection if you hadn't said something to her. Thanks muchly-- I owe you one! Well, I hope everything is going better on your end now. I'm sorry to hear about your loss--I know how hard losing someone close can be. Hopefully I'll get the chance to talk to you soon-- haven't been on IM for quite some time now, and I feel out of touch! Until later... may the Force be with you!



Sue, you really outdid yourself. I know this wasn't exactly the smoothest project for you, but I would not know that by looking at the finished zine. It looks terrific. You are right -- Kate McCredie's art is great. And her story is fabulous, too. It's unfair that she can do both so well! (just kidding)

Also, a quick word of thanks to the editor -- a decent story is hugely diminished by bad spelling and grammar. Bad mechanics ruin stories for me. Thanks for taking the time to do the zine well.

Hope you had fun at the Con!



Thank you so much for all the work you put into the zine, it's fabulous. Every story, poem, etc. was worth reading and what's more, worth paying for.

And to Kate Birkel and Cindy Olsen: Please, please get all your stories up on a website somewhere! Also I was thrilled to see you're writing again, Susan. "Mergers and Acquisitions" was one of my favorites. Thanks again!




Do not skip over "Mergers and Acquisitions"!!! This is a great story. The H&L interaction is superb. Susan makes it sexy and fun. IT is spicy enough to make your heart beat faster, and has adventure in it to make you bite your nails in anticipation. It shows Han in the romantic mode I have always wanted to see. He is irresistible and Leia very nearly finds that out. HEEHEE!! Han can give lectures in Seduction 101! Dressed to kill Han and Leia was awesome, and the artwork of Han making his move on Leia--Hubba Hubba! It was wonderful for her to take them out of the context of the ZRebellion and put them in a setting where romance just had to blossom. And poor Leia--I wouldn't be able to think clearly if Han was doing that to me either. And no matter what I would have been clay for him to mold any way he liked after that necklace scene. Bounty Hunting scum or not. No wonder she was so miffed at him during the first half of TESB. For me the ending was a tear jerker, because it led up to their initial attitudes in TESB. It is also a great tie-in with the timeline of all of Sue's other stories.

Now YCUAGK2 in general-- I liked all the stories!! I absolutely loved "Men Are From Corellia, Women Are From Alderaan" Nice job Hellen. That type of switcheroo always fascinates me. I would like to see it happen again after they are involved maybe, imagine the pillow talk if...

Loved "Only Night" Great companion story to "Day and Night"! Loved the scattered scenes, you captured what I think it must have been like in the Carbon where all you had was time to think.

Gosh I loved them all and could go on all night.

I want to comment on the comments section: We all knew that YCUAGS and YCUAGK2 were aimed toward the more adult readers. I think that the comment about SW and family standards was not true IMO. Yes the movies were aimed toward families, but the universe is bound to be as real and gritty and sexy as RL for some of us. We all know that most of the fanfic does not fit into GL chaste world of SW. I prefer the more true to life SW universe. And personally lines like "running toward the bed with body parts jangling comically" make the movies more fun to watch. I blush from head to toe also, but what a visual. I don't think that fanfiction has gotten any more explicit, just that fans are older more secure in issues of sexual nature, and there are a lot more of us who wrote the spicier things way back, but have just now discovered the wonderful vehicle of fanfic. The above applies to shows like "The X-Files" as well. Just because they won't show it doesn't mean nobody wants to see it. I think the extent it is shown and how much it offends some is directly related to one, your own upbringing and ingrained attitudes toward sex. Two, your own personal experiences with sexual issues. Three how comfortable you yourself are with sex. Four, your definition of offensive and explicit.

If you want to see disturbing sexual issues read"Demons" by Lelilia in "Delusions of Grandeur" NOw that is something that ruffles my moral feathers. But it is wonderful, haunting, disturbing, terrifying, and the H&L love scenes are poignant.

Shutting up now,



I liked the story about Han & Leia.

Just kidding.

The entire zine is lovely, Sue! But I haven't read much of it right now because I've been too busy trying to keep it away from the sights of my parental units.



Got mine yesterday...what a nice surprise!

The thing's the size of a phone book! WOW! And it's ALL Han and Leia. I'm all tingly.

First, the bad news: I found three typos/tense errors in "A Matter of Commitment."

Now the good news: I've been reading all afternoon, and I've JUST gotten to "Mergers and Aquisitions." (Can't wait to read that one; but 60 pages Sue? I'm gonna hafta put tomorrow afternoon aside just for that!) I've loved every word thus far (except for the typos of course :) My favorite so far is "Dreaming," (great stuff, Cindy!) but of course I'm retaining final judgement until I've read the whole thing. The covers are wonderful! The inside front; is that that great painting you've raved about over the years? I'm glad to have finally seen it! Most of the art on the inside is absolutly breathtaking. Ooo... I'm all tingly just thinking about reading the rest of it!

Now, if my copy of Delusions would just get here...

--Lelila, who's all fired up to write more stuff now...


so i got my zine today (thanks Sue!).

obviously, since it it something like 386 pages long(!), i haven't been able to read much. but what i have read, i LOVE.

the art is AMAZING and breath taking. i particularly like the little nondescript drawings of han and leia (the ones with no faces :). and the amazing covers. wow!

anyways, whoever is crazy enough to not have bought YCUAGK2 yet has to! it's completely worth whatever the price is. quality stuff.


ps. how weird is it that another person (other than me) filked head over feet? lol, i laughed when i saw that. kudos that the other girl too -- her's was really great.


I totally agree with Allison. and what perfect arrival--all before Memorial Day weekend (its a good thing its gonna be raining down the shore cuz I'm planning on bunkering down w/ K2)

I've read the first 3 stories already (and am so psyched b/c I still have nearly 330 pgs left) The front cover is absolutely the best work I've seen. Being a recipient of the inaugural issue--I wish to say that this second installment has blown me away--It looks and reads great!

I think Sue and Kristin did a remarkable job putting it all together (esp. considering that Sue was dealing with the loss of her Grandfather) Congrats--

gotta go--have some reading to do---



What Zips and Allison said. Got my copy yesterday and the timing was perfect--right at the beginning of a holiday weekend that looks like a literal washout thanks to rain here in Motown, too. Couldn't think of a better way to to spend this forced time indoors than curling up with this book. The cover is a stunner--Gerald Crotty does simply outstanding work; I thrill in his consistently faithul renditions of our hero and heroine. And the art inside is outstanding, too. JoJo, I love your mini-sketches--what a super idea! Just holding this book in my hands--full of H&L labors of love from around the world--makes my heart happy. Well, like Zips said, time to go read it. Can't thank you enough for all your hard work putting this together, Susan. You're the greatest!

[and earlier that day]

Katie McCredie's "Ice" is my favorite in Kiss 2 so far, though I've skipped over Susan's "Mergers and Acquisitions" for now. Like Dani's "A Matter of Commitment," too. Both Katie's and Dani's art for their stories is awesome; how blessed these two ladies are to have talent in both writing and drawing. What are everyone else's favorites so far?

[and still earlier ;^)]

Just received Kiss 2. The cover blew me away. Much of the art looks OUTSTANDING! Can't wait to read it! Thanks so much, Sue, and all the contributors who did indeed stick it out 'til the bitter end. Sorry the Organa-zation won't be getting together at MWCon; I would have loved to meet you. If you find yourself on MI-94 W and see the Rotunda exit, please take it! I live not five minutes away from it and would love to just give you a big hug for how happy you've made me and a lot of other H&L fans! Have a great holiday weekend. I look forward to working with you on Kiss 3.



to quote a fellow zine editor...if a zine was typo or error free, the world would cease to exist. it's one of the signs of the apocalypse. typos happen,

Got my copy from Sue while at the con. Kudos to her!! Kiss is wonderful with strong, wonderful stories to match the the delicious cover. Been trying to read stories in between doing things at MwCon.



Congratulations on getting the zine complete. I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it and will be waiting in anticipation by the mailbox! Thank for all your hard work to bring those of us who love romance and Han and Leia something to fuel our fantasies!!



Dear Susan & Kristin,

Thank you for sending me the flier for "You Could Use Another Good Kiss." I definitely want a copy!

Congratulations are definitely in order for "You Could Use a Good Kiss." It was everything I hoped it would be. All the effort you put into it shone through. The stories were all excellent, just the right mix of fun, drama, and adult content. Great poetry and filks, and everything was put together in a professional manner. I loved the artwork.

This was one terrific, classy zine and one worthy of the Dynamic Duo. What more can anyone ask for?

More! That's what! ...

Congratulations again,


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