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Although it's that time of year again and I'm hip-deep in Busy Season at work, there's lots going on behind the scenes here on the Kiss front. In fact, there are two major developments.

First, I have the distinct pleasure and honor of debuting and hosting the classic artwork of Wanda Lybarger. If you've purchased a copy of the first issue of Kiss, or just about any Star Wars/Harrison Ford fanzine prior to 2001, you've probably seen at least one piece of artwork by Wanda. For over two decades she was one of the most prolific and talented artists in fandom. However, she chose to hold back from granting permission to post her artwork online--until now! She is currently working on scanning in the originals of many of these illustrations, some of them going back to pre-1983 and the release of Return of the Jedi (A Matter of Ganks, etc.). I was fortunate enough to have several of my own pieces illustrated by Wanda, and I'm very thrilled to finally have them presented together as they were originally intended all those years ago. Enjoy!

Second, I've been offered to take stewardship of the Corellian Embassy website. The current curator, Aquarius, just has too much on her plate and hopes I can take it on rather than let the site go down. SInce I do have plenty of space on the Kiss site and it's paid up for a few years, I've agreed to host it as well. We're still working out the logistics, and it's likely that little will change for the majority of what's there and for the most part it will remain a seperate entity as I don't want to dilute the message or "brand" of Kiss. However, I do intend to shift the Han/Leia pieces over to Kiss, and eventually those that had illustrations within the fanzines will be reunited--at least that's my hope! This is a massive new project that will have to happen in my spare time (yeah, right!), so please be patient during the transition.

See, I TOLD you there were big things happening!


I've finally finished the migration of Useakiss from Marjorie's webspace over to mine. Again, I'm so grateful to Marjorie for all her time, care, and money in preserving Kiss all this time. All the links for the stories, poems and artwork should work now, with the exception of the original index pages for each zine--I'm still now sure how I'm going to tackle that.

I've also added a portfolio of a new-to-Kiss artist, Steph S. I'm excited to feature her work and look forward to seeing lots more. If you know of any artists interested in creating Han and/or Leia work, or have already done so, please send them my way!

I still have a backlog of stories yet to be posted. Some of them are quite long and had to be scanned in from old fanzines with odd fonts, so they're requiring a great deal of clean-up first before I can even format them for the web. Stay tuned!


Amazing, all the mistakes you find years later. It boggles my mind. I owe apologies to Wendy, Cat and Allison because somehow, in the conversion to web from print, and in the transfer to the current Kiss site, their works were either overlooked or not credited. I've fixed those things now and listed them as new so they get the attention they deserve.

Man, I hate that when that happens.



Well, that was a bit premature...

Live has kicked back in with a vengance and I've been unable to find the time or energy to keep this site updated as I'd planned. However, the fact that the old webspace where the Kiss webzines were housed has finally gone done and this has spurred me into finally finishing the transfer to the main Kiss webspace. This means that many of the broken links you've been seeing here should be fixed now or will be soon.

I've also got a few new--or new to online readers--stories lined up to debut in the near future, once I finish cleaning up the files and formatting for the web.

Also, after leaving it sit for nearly six months, I recently picked up my trip to Bespin story and realize now that it's chockablock full of bad edits, painful sentence structure, and other gremlins of the sort that will drive me crazy in years to come if I don't correct. Soooo, I apologize for the delay of its debut here. Yes, I realize many of you may have already ready incarnations of it at or, but rest assured that the FINAL will be housed here...and with any luck illustrations eventually.



It's done, done, done! OMG, I was starting to think I'd never see it end--that I was on that same long slog to Bespin, only I had nobody to snuggle with! But Into the Fire is done and you can enjoy it here--and with any luck it will eventually have illustrations to go with it.

What will I write next? I have no clue. I've got a few things started, and may start posting one of them here--it's a bit of an experiment that I'm having fun with, and the first time I'm writting something that does not involve tons of revisions...

Now, with some time freed up, I hope to get back to finishing updates and converting the rest of the old Kiss online zine materials over to this server, which is LONG overdue (sorry Marjorie!).



Time sure flies. I keep telling myself I'll update more regularly, and then life happens. I'm still writing--although it's slowed a bit--and I'm still looking for new materials all the time. I'm also still working on moving the Kiss zine pages, but it's slow-going; I discovered halfway through that I'd been making a mistake throughout that detached all the pages from the templates, so I had to go back and basically start over. ::headdesk:::

And I didn't realize until last night that the link for the featured story of the month, Victory Later, had been wrong all this time--and nobody told me!! I've fixed it, and my apologies to Jeannie--I'm going to continue featuring the story a little longer to make up for that.

I'm also still looking for a better way for readers to post feedback. I've been checking with my authors and nobody's getting emails or anything. It's a sad state of affairs, folks. We do this stuff because we love the characters and love to hear from those who appreciate our efforts; if you stop giving feedback, the system breaks down.

That being said, if anybody has any suggestions for a better system of feedback (automated feature, etc.), please let me know.



Honest... I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD.

Okay, now that that's out of my system... Honestly, my laptop did crash this past fall, and I never got around to reloading everything and resetting the website connection into, etc. Plus, Marjorie relocated the two online versions of the Kiss zines, which meant I would have to fix all the links--a daunting project I found easy to put off because I've also been writing like an insane woman--and I like to tell myself that you'll forgive the 6-month lapse in updates so long as I'm actually WRITING. In fact, I have finished a +75,000-word story covering the trip to Bespin, and it is currently in the review stage, thus freeing me up to finally update, relink, and add new materials here. Once I have a final version, I'll be posting it here, don't worry.

There's lots more to come, so stay tuned...


Wow, I apologize for taking so long to update this soon into reviving Kiss. My excuses? Log-in troubles with my host site, and the fact that I've been writing like a woman with a purpose! I am currently 70 pages into a trip-to-Bespin story and still not sure how I'm going to end it. I wanted to get as much of this story done as I could before we went into our fall busy season at work, so I've been burying my head in the laptop every evening and weekend. Needless to say, this means I've been slacking on posting new stuff.

I've got some great new material for this update--some things we've seen online elsewhere but disappeared when the sites went down, some things we've seen only on online forums, and some things that are brand new!

I'm also going to put in a plea to send authors feedback if you enjoy their work. Their emails are provided, and it only takes a few seconds to tell them their efforts are appreciated. Writing is not an easy task; it's not something that should be considered disposable. Become an active part of the fandom community and reach out to them, even if it's to say, "Hey, I loved it." Trust me, you'll make their day--and who knows, you may even inspire them! You want to read more, right??

Oh, and I'm always open to recommendations for great Han/Leia stories you may have spotted elsewhere online. If you have a particular favorite somewhere and you don't see it here but feel it would be a great addition, let me know and I'll reach out to that author for permission to include it. Ditto for artists. If you know anyone who's good at drawing and might be interested in doing some Han/Leia work, PLEASE send them my way.


I'm slowly but surely making progress on getting this site fully up and running. I have to admit I probably bit off a bit more than I can chew as far as all the non-fanfic/artwork stuff and I'll probably end up cutting the extraneous stuff and just focusing on why you're really here.

In the meantime, I've been gathering up a number of great stories from authors on various forums. I've also come across an artist I haven't worked with before and who is relatively new to SW fandom. I've seen some of her portrait work and it's quite stunning, so I'm very excited to see what she produces along the lines of story illustrations. Stay tuned!

Oh, and the day after I decide to use Google Groups as my method of easy feedback collection, it seems to totally conk out on me! I havne't been able to even pull up the main Google Groups homepage since then. Is anybody else having this problem? I may have to abandon it already and try a different method. Not pleased...



Hi folks! My how the year fly when you're doing NOTHING fannish. For a variety of reasons and real-life events and pressures, I completely stepped away from fandom for about seven years. I mean, I went cold-turkey--not even watching the films or reading fanfic. I'm not exactly sure what it was that brought me back now, to be frank, but I'm back and have so much new energy that as you can see I've revived and revamped the Kiss website. I'm also writing again! I've already one one story just about ready to debut and a couple others in the works (if I can slow the flood of ideas long enough focus on one). I still have a ways to go to finish this website since I've bitten off quite a bit here and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work and organization that goes into it. I will be updating regularly but in the meantime there will probably be some broken links here and there.

And no, it wouldn't help if you got out and pushed!




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