Frequently Asked Questions

Why do this?

I ask myself that every day.

Basically, I fell in love with Star Wars, and in particular Han & Leia, the first time I saw them on the screen, but especially after I read the novelizations. I wanted MORE. After waiting so long for the release of Return of the Jedi, I was severely disappointed by what I saw as an anti-climactic resolution to their relationship. I annouced that I could write better than that, even though I'd never dreamed of writing prior to that time. A best friend and I started writing little stories and mailing them back and forth to get our thrills. It wasn't until a couple years later around 1987 that I discovered I wasn't alone in wanting more from what the films gave us. I began submitting my work to whatever zines would take them. Eventually I got frustrated that most zines only had maybe one or two Han & Leia pieces in them, and so another friend and I decided to produce our own strictly Han & Leia zine—the first of its' kind! The rest is what you see here.

What's a fanzine?

Any kind of printed and bound book containing fannish works. Their origins go back to the ditto machines and staplers following the first airing of the original Star Trek series. The advent of Star Wars created an entire underground movement of publications where scores of different collections were printed each year. Today the Internet has taken the place of most of there, but there are still a handful being produced.

What sorts of contributions are you looking for?

First and foremost, it must contain Han and Leia as main characters. They cannot be simple walk-ons. For more guidelines, please see Submissions.

Alternate Universe stories are acceptible so long as everyone is in character as seen in the films.

While I have no love for the "pro" book Extended Universe storylines, I will accept them if they are well-written and in character.

Haven't I seen this somewhere else?

Some of it you probably have. Kiss used to be located at a different domain years ago. It also was a short series of printed fanzines. Many of the contributions were reprinted from zines produced more than a decade ago, in some cases as far back as 25 years! Others were donated by online authors and artists who maintain their own archives or have posted their works in forums and other collection sites. Everything you see here was borrowed with the creator's direct permission—I did my legwork!

How can I get more involved?

Easy! You can join on of the forums listed on the Kiss homepage. You can also just start submitting your work when you feel it's ready. Many of our current contributors started out exactly this way.


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